What is a good student essay

what is a good student essay

aroused with concentration. When Proctor shouts, who writes the infdividual services plab I say you are pulling heaven down and raising up a whore Millers idea of the private world being revealed in public is resented as well as Proctors courageous ability to decide not to belong to a broken system of justice. A student should figure out how he studies the best. A student must also store assignments in a place where they are easily found. Teachers give you homework for a reason. Do as much at school as you can-there you have the teacher in case you need help. If you feel that you are lacking on any of these skills or just need some advice on how to brush up then your tutor is there to help.

A Good Student A good student maintains good work habits, follows all directions, and has a positive attitude towards learning.
How to be a Good, college, student Essay 541 Words 3 Pages How to be a Good, college, student.
College is a competitive environment; in order to succeed in it a student needs certain skills.

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It may sound simple but a lack of good time keeping can lead to a student being behind in their work and their reading. School does not have to be just about schoolwork. When picking a course make sure that it is a subject that interests you and you feel passionate toward in order to succeed. Above all, you need confidence! Joefel Suan Table of contents. Like all exceptionally great students, you must pay attention! In order to have work habits, one must follow all directions so as to know how to complete the assignments given. You need to pay attention in a class. Find Power English on Facebook. Essay on How to Be a Good Student.exceptionally great students, you must pay attention! For every class, a student has to study for about two hours if not more a day to prepare for any quizzes or exams. Just remember, it doesn't hurt to go over what you have learned.

This will save him at least five to ten minutes in the morning, and he may use that time to read the newspaper or take out the garbage. For instance, he or she must always come to class and the assignments and projects on time. Following instructions is an important skill for a student to master.

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