The camerawork essays context and meaning in photography

the camerawork essays context and meaning in photography

a whispery dark voice and a fondness for non linear symbolist lyrics, and Langford, the Welsh born founder of punk outfit The Mekons and no compromise country crew The Waco Brothers. The deceptively gentle-sounding Communication has a distinctly Dylanesque demeanour - an impression reinforced no doubt by the melodic structure of the first half of each verse bearing such a marked resemblance to The Times They Are A'Changin'. If I ever have a problem like that, I guess I'll be in pretty good shape. Inevitably there'll be much argument over favourites that weren't chosen (mine would include The Moon And St Christopher) but, often favouring less well known numbers and largely avoiding duplication from the 91-01 compilation, there can be no complaints. A gentle world that doesn't need to draw attention to itself, one that's just there: but one with a clearly defined purpose and character, a distinctive blend of textures and sounds that evokes, and draws the listener unhurriedly into its ethos of reflective calm. I'm picking up on them again with this live acoustic set recorded in an old schoolhouse back in 2007, featuring a collection of material from a back catalogue that's now mostly out of print. The film brought Resnais instant fame, consolidating his already established reputation for directing short films, including the controversial documentary Night and Fog set in two abandoned Nazi concentration camps. Such geographical and biological niceties aside though, he's Americana to the musical core. The results are the warm melodies and rich tunes that greet the listener from You Got Gold. Doo-Wop Medley is mainly the classic Still Of The Night but I can't make out where the medley comes in although this instrumental is well played on slide guitar. Well, save for Butterfly, Free State of Jones and By Your Side which are band versions of songs from Cary Hudson's first solo album, recorded after his divorce from bassist Laurie Stirratt and the band's implosion.

M Michael Mee Kate Bush - Aerial (EMI) Twelve years and motherhood on from her not entirely brilliant critically dismissed The Red Shoes, Bush has finally emerged from the cocoon of parenting, creative impasses and general domesticity for her fourth long gestating album. THE house ON pine street second sight 2ndvd3287 In Aaron and Austin Keelings acclaimed psychological thriller havoc is wreaked on an expectant young couple as they move into an eerily ominous house. Which is a pity, for it's a generously-filled (72-minute) thematic compilation, which collects together a dozen tracks from the duo's existing recorded output for WildGoose and nine newly-recorded tracks.

Can't Help eases you into proceedings with marimba ripples and a tropical island sway that might make Jack Johnson sound like explosive punk before his Incredible String Band affections rear their head with Angelika where his phrasings echo the young Robin Williamson before the song. The Neilisms are there too on the title track but on Take Me and True Freedom it's hard to avoid thinking that, lyrically, vocally and melodically, he sounds not unlike Loudon Wainwright. This chilling, beautifully photographed tale of a disturbed dwelling with a ghostly lore now makes its DVD debut. Kevin Van Hentenryck is engaging as the naive Duane, Terri Susan Smith is charming as his love interest, Beverly Bonner is a memorable fun-loving hooker, and Robert Vogel is the increasingly maddened hotel manager. Some of them (Sing Their Souls Back Home) have an almost Guthrie-esque demeanour, while others (Something Happened) have a slightly uncomfortable edge betraying that Billy's perhaps not entirely at home with more emotional matters. And once you've got used to the sound of the Bismarcks, you'll find it a joy to listen to this CD - which is not something you can honestly say for many ceilidh band records At first play you may find their sound a mite. M Mike Davies Darren Black - Thinkers And Fools (Own Label) Only just over a year ago, Winchester-based Darren really impressed me with his debut album Silent Poetry, and he's been swift in producing a followup.

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