Poor quality research papers

poor quality research papers

be confident of the low quality of the paper. However, clear and complete reporting is only one aspect of research quality. Reporting guidelines are intended to improve the transparency, accuracy and completeness of reporting for different types of research. But here are some things that would make me evaluate a paper as of low quality: as I go down the list, the quality decreases: The results of the paper already exist in the literature. I saw an especially good example of this recently: a paper posted this month on the arxiv begins (immediately following an abstract which is at turns obscure and vacuous) by stating "Registration contains colored markers A red dot stands for "a fact which is not. Good study design and execution of the study is also critical. The experiments that his paper detailed, he writes, "are so hopelessly flawed that the results are meaningless." Any upstanding publication ought to have rejected the paper after its editor or a reviewer looked it over, he writes, but that didnt always happen. Paul Peters, president of oaspa (. Science and, nature Bohannon says.

poor quality research papers

We Must Stop the Avalanche of Low-Quality Research.
First, lim it the number of papers to the best three, four, or five that a job or promotion.
Have you read the paper of Bohannon.
Who s Afraid of Peer Review?
I also accept that there are a lot of poor quality OA journals.

A yellow dot stands for "the statement which requires additional attention". Meanwhile, 45 of happy ending story essay spm Directory of Open Access Journals (doaj) publishers that completed the review process, accepted the paper, a statistic that doaj founder Lars Bjørnshauge, a library scientist at Lund University in Sweden, finds "hard to believe". "In the event that we do find that members did not practice appropriate peer review, we will take action that may include asking them to leave the organisation he said. Public Library of Science, plos ONE, was the only journal that called attention to the paper's potential ethical problems and consequently rejected it within 2 weeks. There are some papers that don't teach me anything new and interesting that I nevertheless feel are of medium (publishable) quality: sometimes I don't really understand the value of a result but can't claim (or can't justify a claim) that the results will not. It also calls attention to the growing number of low-quality open access publishers, especially in the developing world. Theres long been debate over these oppositional approaches to access, particularly because academic research often receives public funding and then becomes locked behind publication paywalls.

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